Component printing

Using our high quality pad printing equipment we are able to print components supplied to us by our customers. These include pre made blank dials and panels. We specialise in high quality, low tolerance printing where accuracy counts. We are able to deal with both low and high volume runs.

Precision Printing - fine quality to tight tolerances

Our lithographic presses can print a crisp line just 0.1 mm thick. We can control ink depth to within a few microns. The result is precise sharp printing and accurate translucent colours. We can print inks with electrical properties to a fine tolerance.

Dial restoration

We have extensive records and designs in house stretching back over 50 years. We can restore and reprint original dials where we have the original or a similar design already in house. We can also make new designs and replacement dials where the original dial has been lost.

Design & development in-house with rapid prototyping

We control all design and pattern making in house. We can offer a fast and accurate design service, and we can produce prototypes quickly at an economical cost.